Hosting an Entrepreneur’s Panel

I’ve been an adviser to Business Academy and Design Media & Communications Academy for several years, but this was the first year that I led a panel of entrepreneurs to provide a job-shadow experience.

I have met a lot of wonderful small business owners through networking, and I was so happy to bring this group together to help students learn from our unique career paths. Companies represented provide web design, hosting & development, IT support, marketing, advertising, and branding services:

Each of us had a unique path that led us into starting our own businesses. Each of us had worked for companies of varying sizes, which helped us learn what we liked doing. The DevIn Group has been in business the longest, since 1998, while the rest of us are still quite new companies.

Key themes emerged from our panel. We all enjoy the flexibility, freedom and opportunities that come with being your own boss, while the biggest challenge is dealing with unpredictability. It’s important to never stop learning as a business owner, so you can stay current and continue to help your clients.

The students asked really interesting questions, and we hope they enjoyed participating in our meeting as much as we did.

John of the DevIn Group, Jim of MADBRAMA, Cathy of Appeal Marketing, CT Kaupp
My attempt at a selfie with our group
Hosting an Entrepreneur’s Panel

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