In-Person Spelling Bee

Thank you Falls Schools for hosting an in-person spelling bee! It was great to see so many fine third through eighth grade scholars participating, my daughter included.

Since the first rounds of spelling tests were taken on the Scripps National Spelling Bee site, it was an extra special occasion to gather safely in person at the North Middle School Auditorium. Staff members did an excellent job planning and communicating procedures to students and their families. My daughter sat on the aisle, as did all spelling bee contestants, and walked to line up for her turn when a staff member asked her. Compared to prior years when they were seated on stage, contestants did a lot more walking and movement this year by sitting with their families in the audience.

Logistics aside, the superb spelling and poise of the students took center stage, as always.

Here was my daughter during one of her words and the program:

In-Person Spelling Bee
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