Talking with Students about School Board

I always enjoy talking with students in our schools. This month, I noticed that my son’s third grade class was learning about communities. I approached his teacher, Mr. Pitrof, and asked if I could join their class and talk about the school board. He said yes, and we worked out a plan for me to present to them virtually via Google Classroom.

I explained the role of the school board and our main purposes:

  1. Establish the overall vision for the district, in partnership with district leaders
  2. Oversees and evaluates the superintendent
  3. Sets and reviews district policies
  4. Approve the district’s budget and annual tax levy

All of these responsibilities are in place to help students learn and grow, so that they are ready to face their future plans after graduation.

I encouraged students to attend or watch our meetings, write or email the board with their feedback, and consider applying to be a student school board representative when they are in high school. Mr. Pitrof shared that he had one of the current student board members in his class. Perhaps we’ll see a student in his class join the board eight or nine years from now.

In the Q&A portion, students asked me some great questions. They wanted to know how the school gets money (local property taxes make up the majority of our funding, then state and federal dollars). They also seemed excited to have new classroom furniture and had a lot of suggestions for the playground.

It is always fun talking with students! They certainly will share what’s on their mind, and I’m happy to listen to our ultimate beneficiary of our work as a board.

Talking with Students about School Board
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