Teaching Bike Safety

To help teach bike safety, the 3 – 5 elementary schools host an annual bike rodeo for third and fourth graders and a bike ride for fifth graders. The Menomonee Falls Police Department and the Menomonee Falls Mountain Bike Club help run the event. It’s a great experience for our kids (and a good reminder to register your bike with the Menomonee Falls police department)!

I volunteered to run a station during the third grade session. Students were challenged to ride as slow as possible, while staying in their lane and keeping their feet on their pedals. The slowest rider won the race!

Here’s my son at the slowest rider station.

third grader in the bike rodeo

Students worked on a variety of biking skills throughout multiple stations. It was fun to be part of it! They really had a great time!

Later in the day, I joined the fifth graders for a bike ride. They split the classes in half, so the group would be smaller. We rode from Riverside to the Mill Pond Plaza for a brief break. Then, we kept riding to the Bug Line, continuing to Village Bowl. Many other parents volunteered throughout the group of bikers. It was especially thoughtful of one parent who drove behind our group and provided water throughout the ride. We needed it since it was such a hot day!

Cathy Olig and her 5th grade daughter
My daughter and me at the start of our ride!

To end the day, I biked home with my two kids and a neighbor. We certainly had fun riding bikes and staying safe. I’m thankful for programs and partnerships like these with our schools!

Teaching Bike Safety
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