School Finance

Achieved highest ever survey result in 2021 on “The School Board manages district finances effectively.”

Maintain a solid financial position, well-prepared for future budget years

Chair of the finance committee / Treasurer for two years, member for one year. Delivered Treasurer’s Report at the Annual Meeting for two years.

Shared positive financial news with communications to help the community learn about our budget and cost-savings

Proactively communicate with district administration to plan finance committee meetings and provide feedback

Supported staffing adjustments to add 5K art classes into the budget

School Facilities

Reviewed and approved long term facilities plan to ensure prudent fiscal management

100% of referendum projects completed. Indoor and outdoor facilities, athletics and playgrounds are in excellent shape.

Advocated for elementary schools – added playground enhancements to facilities priorities, getting new classroom furniture starting in 2021


Attended elementary PTO meetings to listen to parents and stay involved, volunteered for numerous school events, support school district affiliate fundraising efforts and events.

Promote parent-friendly communications and practices

Spent several years on the Communication Committee, improving school board related survey results

Advocacy, Professional Development

Provided testimony to the Joint Finance Committee for the biennial budget, advocated for our schools with the board’s legislative platform

Participated in learning from other districts and education leaders by attending the State Education Convention for three years in a row, attended Wisconsin Association of School Board (WASB) regional meeting Fall 2021, watched and read WASB webinars and communications to stay informed on school district news and practices  

WASB Level 1 Recognition granted in Fall 2021

Reliable, Positive Leadership

Lead during challenging times

Attend school board meetings regularly, come prepared with comments and questions

Volunteered to take on more responsibility: served on three committees (finance, communications, policy) for one year, assist with board administrative duties for two years

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